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    HolidayCheck AG operates the biggest German-language travel and holiday reviews portal on the Internet. HolidayCheck helps people to find the right hotel, make contact with others and book their holiday directly.

    What makes this all possible is a giant and continually growing database of hotel ratings, a vast archive of holiday photos and a compilation of private holiday videos and holiday tips. In 2007, the reviews portal was expanded to include cruises.

    HolidayCheck AG runs its own online travel agency approved by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV) and deals with all the main tour operators. Whether you are just searching for ideas or are ready to make a booking, you will find everything you need on HolidayCheck. What is more, the site also hosts the Internet’s biggest German-language travel forum with a thriving community of users.

    Independent testing agencies have also been impressed by the range of services and by the prices and support available on HolidayCheck. In May 2012, the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest voted HolidayCheck Best hotel rating portal for the third time in a row. In another review of seven holiday portals conducted by the travel magazine Clever Reisen (issue 1/2012), HolidayCheck again came out with top marks.

    Website; .at, .ch, .cn, .com,, .cz, .es, .it, .pl, .ru, .se
    Themes largest hotel rating community in the German-speaking countries
    Operator HolidayCheck AG
    Management Anja Keckeisen
    Shareholding of TOMORROW FOCUS AG 100 percent
    Business model commission for bookings of package travel or hotels; online adverstising
    Employees about 250
    Based in Bottighofen, Switzerland (head office); Warsaw, Poland

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    Verena Keimer
    Verena Keimer

    Senior Marketing Manager PR

    HolidayCheck AG

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    Verena Keimer
    Verena Keimer

    Senior Marketing Manager PR

    • HolidayCheck AG

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    8598 Bottighofen (CH)

    Phone: +41 (0) 71 686 9844