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    Intelligent news search with nachrichten.de

    TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies, a leading provider of media technology and creative services, has collaborated with search engine and web portal specialist Neofonie to develop the first fully automated news portal that recognises items with related content and brings them together as news. Nachrichten.de, a service of TOMORROW FOCUS Portal GmbH, enables users to enter a subject-related search based on the historical development of a news topic..

    As in editorially-driven websites, the news aggregator shows news and reports in familiar news areas without any loss of quality. The search engine uses state-of-the-art cluster technologies such as topic detection and tracking (TDT) to bundle the different reports into one news item. Similar reports are recognised as identical even if they have different wording, and are allocated to the relevant news item. In addition to the latest reports, nachrichten.de users can use a configurable search, which was implemented jointly with sophisticated solutions family Neofonie Search, to be alerted to news stories – filtered by source, heading and date of publication. The archive continuously collects all reports and offers a comprehensive information base, with about 4.8 million reports and 1.1 million news items. A news ticker also enables users to keep up with breaking news.

    The technologies used by Neofonie and TOMORROW FOCUS allow the highest speeds for scrolling through top sources through the process chain. Within the process chain, the news is prepared in such a way that it is accessible via a Java-based API using Neofonie’s search components and a business logic specially developed for this project.

    With the use of Java 6, TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies GmbH has set new standards for up-to-the-minute and forward-looking web development. The user-friendly interface designed by the creative team at TFT uses advanced JavaScript and AJAX technology based on the jQuery framework, thus systematically making joint use of the high performance capability of the terminals.

    Siegfried Kunz, CEO of TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies, commented: “TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies’ development of nachrichten.de is another step in its strategy of increasing web automation for its customers, so also increasing their commercial success.”

    “With Paperball, the first German news search engine, we already demonstrated the high level of our news search expertise,” said Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen, one of the founders and Managing Director of Neofonie GmbH. “Thanks to our R&D department, with Neofonie Search we now have a platform that allows us to compete with the global players in the search engine market.”