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    FOCUS Online gets new design and new functions

    FOCUS Online has redesigned its entire news service: the main features of the relaunched service are the wider, centred layout covering the whole screen, calmer, uncluttered design and new features to personalise the website. The layout allows for completely new, large-format branding campaigns. The launch partner is BMW.

    From tomorrow, Tuesday, FOCUS Online’s users will see a new elegant style. The completely revised layout is significantly wider and is fixed in the middle of the screen; the redesigned header will cover its whole width. The area gained has mainly been given over to white space; the website now looks calmer and more upmarket. The uncluttered design also follows a universal modular logic, which allows the editorial team quickly to rearrange individual elements or whole pages, and allows for completely new, large advertising formats.

    A new information column on the left side structures the contents on the home page and on the overviews and article pages. Photos and moving images are displayed in large-format. The opening picture on the home page has again been significantly enlarged, and the completely revamped video player is now in TV format. Picture galleries can now be viewed without the need to leave the article to which they are linked. The 24-hour news ticker at the top of the home page that is so popular with FOCUS Online users has been expanded into a flexible, easy-to-use news search tool. New features to personalise the website have been added, such as the ‘Follow topic’ button below each article. At a click of the mouse, FOCUS Online gathers all relevant articles and shows the number of unread postings at the top of the page.

    The technological and graphic implementation of the new site is by TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies GmbH, which is also responsible for the technological operation of the platform. The relaunch offers advertising customers completely new possibilities for attention-grabbing branding campaigns. All standard advertising types can be brought together at a desired location and thus merged in an extensive space. The first customers of the new, large-format advertising spaces (panorama ad, push-down ad, billboard and full-frame centrefold) are from the automotive and telecommunications sectors: BMW, O2, Mercedes and Citroën. BMW is the launch partner. The new advertising concept was developed by TOMORROW FOCUS Sales with FOCUS Online.


    Tim Nocken
    Tim Nocken

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