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    Process revolution in the newsroom: NCS, from TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies, is the content hub in the Ringier newsroom

    TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies, one of the leading media technology and creative services providers, offers a solution that combines existing content management systems in a multi-channel system: NCS 2.0. Ringier AG, the largest media company in Switzerland, is now using this new technology for the largest and most advanced newsroom in Switzerland.

    NCS 2.0 offers the possibility of importing data from different sources and saving it to a database in a format-neutral form. The main attraction is that the data can be exported to other systems again at any time – even systems that only become necessary through the introduction of new technologies. This is all done automatically by configuration. NCS imports newly created data in seconds, and exports it again after the transformation process. Users can therefore make the relevant data from the print system available, for instance to online systems, and vice-versa. SEO can also be carried out directly during the production process.

    Apart from the logistical complexity of an integrated newsroom, Ringier Ltd faced the challenge of safeguarding communication between different content management systems in the new, integrated newsroom. Additionally, a joint technological basis had to be created for future content channels.

    Commenting on his decision to implement NCS 2.0, André Maerz, Newsroom Manager at Ringier Ltd, said, “With the integrated newsroom, we aim to offer our customers their desired content at any time, on any channel. NCS 2.0 has enabled us to speed up greatly the creation process in our newsroom. Since the introduction of this content hub, our print and online editors have joint access to content, without having to change or replace the different editing systems. Also, thanks to NCS 2.0 we can now implement new formats, such as support for the Apple iPad, very quickly.” André Maerz aims to develop new synergies between his editorial staff.

    NCS 2.0 also saves the introduction of new systems. Employees do not need re-training; the editors continue to work in their familiar system, which will merely be enhanced by additional features.

    “Using NCS 2.0 delivers all the advantages of an existing and optimal CMS landscape, with central integration of content from online, print, mobile, TV and other possible future channels. Proven CMSs will continue to be used; new CMSs can be added without any problem and existing content can be migrated easily. So NCS 2.0 offers all the advantages of a central CMS without any of the disadvantages,” commented Siegfried Kunz, CIO of TFT. “NCS fills the crucial gap between print and online CM systems. We are proud that Ringier Ltd has recognised this, and implemented our technology as a future-proof solution.”