Candles with jewelry inside

It is not only an extremely elegant, but also a luxurious gift. Candles with jewelry inside are an absolute novelty on the market, which quickly won the hearts of many customers. In our store you will find various sizes of such items. All of them smell great and will provide you with a sparkling souvenir.

Climbing gym analytics

Invest in our tool and regain control over your company! Climbing gym analytics is a software that every company in the sports industry should have. It allows you, among other things, to track the most important indicators of the company's development, efficiently manage your personnel and provide clients with access to the most important functions. Your customers will be able to book visits online, view the schedule, manage their subscription, and pay online for membership. Our tool allows you to minimize costs and automate processes!

Grease traps for commercial kitchens

An interceptor is an absolute necessity for any restaurant, mobile food facility, hotel or even hospital. Today, Irish Water requires that all Food Service Establishments have it installed and regularly maintained. We offer a wide selection of grease traps for commercial kitchens. They are specially designed to help stop fats, oils, and grease from flowing out with wastewater into the public sewer system. The FOG control gets rid of the odour and bad smells and prevents potential problems with plumbing.

Frigg soother ireland

There are some must-have accessories for babies, that you just have to include on your shopping list for a nursery. Those accessories include pacifiers that are going to keep your newborn calm and relaxed whenever they are about to start crying. At BabyMine online store you can find the perfect product - a Frigg soother, made in Denmark, but available in Ireland. The brand is known for using carefully selected materials which are safe for babies. The designs are simple, yet captivating and available in a range of pastel colours.

Counselling Psychotherapy

I believe that creating a friendly atmosphere of understanding, warmth and trust and, at the same time, being gently challenging is the key to an effective therapy. Counselling psychotherapy is suitable for individuals of all ages, as well as couples, families and organisations. An experienced professional will help you not only understand the challenges you are facing, but also make positive and timely change happen. No matter if you’re struggling with work and family-related issues, stress or anxiety, my door is always open.

Laser hair removal Dublin

Want to have perfectly smooth skin all the time? Surely you do, but using a razor almost daily is probably very troublesome for you, as it is for many people - especially those who have thick dark hair. Having smooth legs, hands, and even back for a long time is possible if you choose the innovative laser hair removal at In Vogue in Dublin. We use the latest technology, the best in the beauty industry - IPL (Intense Pulse Light). It is a painless and non-invasive treatment which allows to achieve desired results in a few sessions.

Property maintenance

In need of a concrete or roof repair, or perhaps are you looking for gutter installation? Choose our property maintenance - no matter what type of works you need; we have got you covered. We have experience in both, the residential and the commercial sectors and are here to help you with a team of competent professionals who may be at your disposal 24/7. We tackle any minor and major issues, and always try to identify and handle them as soon as possible, just before they turn into bigger problems.

Aesthetic clinic

If you are looking for a place offering a range of cosmetic surgeries, you can visit dr Mark Hamilton aesthetic clinic. There are three cities in Northern Ireland, where you can come for an appointment: Belfast, Dublin, and Galway. In our facilities the doctors do various medical treatments. Among them are botox injections, facial fillers or under-arm botox injections which the patients choose to do if they have hyperhidrosis - extensive sweating. We also work with Profhilo - an injectable hyaluronic acid.

Commercial pest control

Turn to one of the best cleaning companies in Dublin, such as ours, if you would like to get rid of bugs and rodents at your place. We can take care not only of houses, but also of various venues, such as hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, or schools. Every place, in which there are a lot of people every day, should be in pristine condition, clean, and free of instects. Using special methods and our professional knowledge, we are able to eliminate flies, silverfish, cockroaches qucikly and efficiently.

Covid testing Cork

Are you an essential worker and want to quickly check your health condition? Or are you planning to go somewhere abroad and need to present a valid certificate confirming that you are not infected? Our Covid testing facility in Cork is ready to help you! Simply book an appointment through our website and select a date that suits you! If your appointment for a PCR swab is before 11 AM, you will receive your results on the same day! In case of antigen swabs, we will inform you about the results within 15 minutes.