Headlight tinting

When we want to change the appearance of our car, the first thing we think about is the color of the sheet metal. However, it is also worth considering changing the smaller parts. Headlight tinting is a service that our company offers. Using dimming car lights you can significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Hair care cosmetics

Softness, mirror-finish effect, smoothness and firmness. If you want it to fit this description, then you need to think carefully about what you need. Hair care comsetics are essentially shampoos (preferably two - a gentle and a strong cleanser), conditioner (protein, humectant, emollient), mask, scalp scrub, oil for ends. You can find all these products in our drugstore.

Smoker equipment

When you decide to buy from our store, you get not only the device itself, but also additional components. The smoker equipment is, after all, more than just the smoking machine itself. Inside the set you will find, among other things: control panel, smoking chips and sticks, smoke generator, drip trays, chimney with damper, grate, double and s hooks, carrying handles, adjustable feet.

Garden Office

With the growing popularity of remote work, more people decide to get their own garden office. We can help you achieve the perfect work-life balance that you dream about and build a state-of-the-art shed outside your home. Check out our stunning range of pods and get your own custom product for the much-needed extra space.

Facials Bolton

Skin exfoliation is one of the basic services at our clinic. Our headquarters are located in Bolton. Dermaplene Facials are one of our many services, during which dead skin is removed, thorough double cleansing, ozone steam, mask, ice rollers, balancing serum, jojoba oil, toner and moistureisers of different kinds.

Breast reduction abroad

At our clinic, we perform various plastic surgery procedures. One of the surgeries involves the removal of part of the tissue. Women who opt for this procedure choose it for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Breast reduction abroad may be an option for women who would like to shrink their chest circumference.

Athletic lockers

The gym is a place where we should focus solely on ourselves. We shouldn't wonder if the things left in the locker room are safe, if no one will steal anything from us, etc. That is why it is so important for owners of sports facilities to take care of the comfort of their clinets. Athletic lockers are products that are, above all, very roomy and durable.

Stainless steel grease traps

Are you looking for high-quality, stainless steel grease traps? We offer a wide selection of models suitable for both, indoors and outdoors, above and below ground. They are ranging in for example size. No matter whether you run a big restaurant or a small inn with a tiny commercial kitchen, here you will find a solution tailored to your needs. Additionally, every device requires no staff maintenance, has no filters or moving parts, and meets the strictest standards for wastewater control – take a look at our offer.

Tours of Ireland

Go on an amazing adventure with our guides! We organize comprehensive and cost-effective tours of Ireland which you’ll remember forever! We’ve picked some of the top attractions everyone should see and some less-known, yet very remarkable destinations. Explore all available options and contact us for more information!

Candles with jewelry inside

It is not only an extremely elegant, but also a luxurious gift. Candles with jewelry inside are an absolute novelty on the market, which quickly won the hearts of many customers. In our store you will find various sizes of such items. All of them smell great and will provide you with a sparkling souvenir.