Office supplies

Work is such an important part of every person's life. It is important to make sure that we have the means to make it easier for every employee. We provide our customers with office supplies that allow them to do their job quicker and in a more productive way. We offer floor mats, double-sided, free-standing blackboards, wall-mounted magnetic blackboards, wall stickers, dry-erase whiteboards mode of steel, moving boxes cartons, CDs' cases, pallet film rolls, locker cabinet with multiple compartments for workers and more.

Cash loans

The aim of our company is to let each and every Client easily find the best financing price. We calculate the creditworthiness and advise how to get cash loans and what documents you need to get it. We offer help to both individual customers and companies and analyze the financial documents to build a successful strategy. Our company wants to get you as profitable of an offer as possible. We compare all of the available bank offers at once to let our Clients choose the one they will be most satisfied with.

Trucking company

Our organization focuses on transporting heavy goods internationally. We are trying to be the best trucking company so that our clients get all their products as soon as possible. We provide support in the fields of logistics operations and road freight transport. Our corporation's policy is to lend out tractors to specific clients for their exclusive use which means that that particular vehicle would not be used by anyone else. This kind of practice helps to ensure the continuous and smooth run of the logistics process.