Commercial pest control

Turn to one of the best cleaning companies in Dublin, such as ours, if you would like to get rid of bugs and rodents at your place. We can take care not only of houses, but also of various venues, such as hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, or schools. Every place, in which there are a lot of people every day, should be in pristine condition, clean, and free of instects. Using special methods and our professional knowledge, we are able to eliminate flies, silverfish, cockroaches qucikly and efficiently.

videography Orlando

If you're afraid that photos may not be enough to reflect the character of your event, we can make a memorable full-length movie capturing the magic of this day. Pick a date and a place and we'll be there to create a lifetime souvenir for you and your family. As discreet as possible, we'll put your guests at ease, while recording every moment of your party. Check out our YouTube channel to see the results of our work and dozens of happy people who trusted our services. Our videography is created in Orlando, Florida, but we are glad to travel for our customers.

Covid testing Cork

Are you an essential worker and want to quickly check your health condition? Or are you planning to go somewhere abroad and need to present a valid certificate confirming that you are not infected? Our Covid testing facility in Cork is ready to help you! Simply book an appointment through our website and select a date that suits you! If your appointment for a PCR swab is before 11 AM, you will receive your results on the same day! In case of antigen swabs, we will inform you about the results within 15 minutes.

Trucking company

Our organization focuses on transporting heavy goods internationally. We are trying to be the best trucking company so that our clients get all their products as soon as possible. We provide support in the fields of logistics operations and road freight transport. Our corporation's policy is to lend out tractors to specific clients for their exclusive use which means that that particular vehicle would not be used by anyone else. This kind of practice helps to ensure the continuous and smooth run of the logistics process.