Driveway cleaning Dublin

Are you in search of a professional company to clean the area in front of your home? Look no further! Driveway cleaning in Dublin has never been easier with our services. Our experienced team will efficiently and thoroughly clean your space, leaving no trace of unwanted dirt. We guarantee an openwork and clean results, regardless of the substrate type, whether it is concrete, paving stones, or granite. This small investment can improve the appearance of your property, thereby increasing its value. Our specialist offer is worth taking advantage of.

Automatic labeling machine

Increase the efficiency of your production with the latest technology - Automatic labeling machine! Our special device is a guarantee of precision and reliability. First-class materials and advanced technologies guarantee long-lasting and efficient operation of our equipment. Regardless of your sector - pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, or other, our equipment is sure to speed up and automate your production process. Choose quality and reliability that translates into your profits. Contact us today and enjoy the highest quality equipment that will bring your business even greater success. Invest in the future of your business now!

Diesel tanks for sale

In the business world, every detail matters. You can improve not only on the level of services, but also in terms of infrastructure and logistics. Here is a proposal for those who are looking for modern and reliable solutions - diesel tanks for sale. Our offer is a guarantee of the highest quality, safety and durability. Tanks are ideally suited to a variety of requirements - for both small and large enterprises. While caring for the environment, we also provide adequate protection for the stored oil. This is more than an investment - it’s a step towards stability and independence for your business. Check out our offer today!

Altar cloths

We are well aware that the decor changes with the coming holidays. At Christmas we can usually see purple altar cloths, sometimes also maroon and green. The classic, a universal choice even, is of course white. You can find all of them in our online store - both solid ones and those with decorations in other colors.

Oxymels with Irish Honey

The remedy available in our store has been used as far back as Greek and Roman times in various cultures, as well as traditional medical systems, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Our oxymels with Irish Honey are made using raw apple cider vinegar and from an apiary of native Irish bees and herbs from our garden.

Cornerstone courses

We offer enrollment for administrator and end-user training. We tailor the Cornerstone courses program to the needs and experience of the trainees. When signing up for classes, you can choose the topics that interest you most from a range of modules. Trainings are both theoretical and practical, and graduates who complete them will be able to make informed configuration decisions.

Food smokers

We offer our customers classic food smokers, which allow you to enjoy the unique taste of homemade meats, fish and cheese. They are distinguished by low operating costs, simple digital control and built-in timer. They are made of stainless steel, so they are completely safe for food. Place your order today!

Smoker equipment

When you decide to buy from our store, you get not only the device itself, but also additional components. The smoker equipment is, after all, more than just the smoking machine itself. Inside the set you will find, among other things: control panel, smoking chips and sticks, smoke generator, drip trays, chimney with damper, grate, double and s hooks, carrying handles, adjustable feet.

Stainless steel grease traps

Are you looking for high-quality, stainless steel grease traps? We offer a wide selection of models suitable for both, indoors and outdoors, above and below ground. They are ranging in for example size. No matter whether you run a big restaurant or a small inn with a tiny commercial kitchen, here you will find a solution tailored to your needs. Additionally, every device requires no staff maintenance, has no filters or moving parts, and meets the strictest standards for wastewater control – take a look at our offer.

Tours of Ireland

Go on an amazing adventure with our guides! We organize comprehensive and cost-effective tours of Ireland which you’ll remember forever! We’ve picked some of the top attractions everyone should see and some less-known, yet very remarkable destinations. Explore all available options and contact us for more information!