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Candles with jewelry inside

It is not only an extremely elegant, but also a luxurious gift. Candles with jewelry inside are an absolute novelty on the market, which quickly won the hearts of many customers. In our store you will find various sizes of such items. All of them smell great and will provide you with a sparkling souvenir.

Facials Bolton

Skin exfoliation is one of the basic services at our clinic. Our headquarters are located in Bolton. Dermaplene Facials are one of our many services, during which dead skin is removed, thorough double cleansing, ozone steam, mask, ice rollers, balancing serum, jojoba oil, toner and moistureisers of different kinds.

Hair care cosmetics

Softness, mirror-finish effect, smoothness and firmness. If you want it to fit this description, then you need to think carefully about what you need. Hair care comsetics are essentially shampoos (preferably two - a gentle and a strong cleanser), conditioner (protein, humectant, emollient), mask, scalp scrub, oil for ends. You can find all these products in our drugstore.