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Lead pipe replacement

Surely you appreciate a good quality, professional service - we are here, ready to provide it to you, when it comes to lead pipe replacement. You should call us or send us an e-mail especially if you have not renovated your house since 1970s, because the old building materials may be harmful to your health when they are in contact with water you drink daily. If you would like to have cleaner, and therefore better tasting tap water, as well as increase its flow, just call us or send us an e-mail!

Property maintenance

In need of a concrete or roof repair, or perhaps are you looking for gutter installation? Choose our property maintenance - no matter what type of works you need; we have got you covered. We have experience in both, the residential and the commercial sectors and are here to help you with a team of competent professionals who may be at your disposal 24/7. We tackle any minor and major issues, and always try to identify and handle them as soon as possible, just before they turn into bigger problems.